Policies and Procedures

Document Control Policy

This document is approved and authorised for application.


Proper documentation is critical to the Global London College Quality Assurance programmes. All levels of documentation should form a coherent entity that makes it possible to trace or audit from one level to the next.


Introduction and Scope

The Code of Practice describes the documentation necessary for effective communication and monitoring change. The code recognises that documentation supports the system, does not drive it and should be kept to the minimum necessary for compliance.


Responsibilities and Functions Senior Assessor

Senior Assessors must ensure that appropriate documentation is maintained to demonstrate compliance with statutory and prime provider requirements and those arrangements are made for:

lThe distribution, updating and retention of documentation.

lThe fitness for purpose of documents such as procedures, records and instructions.


The Operations Director

The Operations Director is responsible for managing controlled documents. The Operations Director will advise on:

lThe identification of information needs.

lMethods of acquiring information.

lThe implementation of arrangements for information management.


Staff and learners should act in accordance with the information provided and report to their immediate supervisors any errors, shortcomings or omissions which they find in the documentation.


Implementation of the Code of Practice


Assessor Arrangements

Assessors should have arrangements to ensure that general safety information, working procedures, records and instructions are kept up to date, issued to staff, learners and others and records of distribution are kept. Together with copies of the documents distributed and that:

lThey respond appropriately to information passed to them on any documentation errors, shortcomings or omissions.

lThey take account of statutory and prime provider long term record keeping and archive requirements when they no longer need documentation for operational purposes and before it is destroyed or taken out of safe storage.

lObsolete documents are promptly removed from all points of receipt.


Document Management- General

Records of safety performance provide objective evidence of Global London College discharge of its duty of care. The mismanagement of documentation could have far reaching consequences for Global London College, its reputation, and for departments and individuals. Failure to hold valid documents can may lead to prosecution, improvement or prohibition notices, withdrawal of insurance cover or increased costs and compensation payments.


Records, documents and information of varying types are required in order to:

lMeet statutory and Prime Provider requirements.

lConfirm this compliance.

lNotify external agencies of procedures and circumstances and specific requirements are described in individual safety codes of practice.


It is also necessary for Global London College to keep externally generated documents from:

lGovernmental bodies and agencies.

lEnforcement and regulatory agencies.

lManufacturers and suppliers.

lProfessional and sector bodies.

lStandards organisations.

Updated: 24 February 2020