Policies and Procedures

Equal Opportunities Policy Statement


The purpose of this policy is to clarify Global London College commitment to establishing and developing equal opportunities. In so doing it recognises its role as an employer in a multi-racial society and in the local community.

1.Global  London College  recognises and welcomes  the following statutory measures:  Sex Discrimination (1975), Equal Pay Act (1970), Race Relations Act (1976), Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974), Employment Protection (consolidation) Act (1978) and the Disabled Persons Act (1944 and 1958 and 1995), Age Discrimination Act (2006) and their attempts to provide equal opportunities for all.

2.To promote its policy, Global London College will aim to meet in full the legal requirements of the above. In addition to the statutory measures we are also aware of our moral duty as an employer to  ensure no job applicant or current employee should receive less favourable treatment (discrimination) on the grounds of race, creed, colour, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic origin, culture, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or domestic responsibilities. 

In the case of the disabled the objectives are similar, subject only to any genuine limitations imposed by the particular disability.
Ex-offenders applying for jobs will be treated according to their merits and the job specification. Questions on Global London College application forms with regard to previous convictions are to make sure that ex-offenders are not inadvertently placed in vulnerable positions within certain work and training environments.

3.The company is an equal opportunities employer. In trying to achieve this aim Global London College will undertake positive action to ensure that all employees are recruited, trained and promoted on the basis or merits and ability, the requirements of the job and similar objective and relevant criteria. The aim of the policy is simply that everyone should be treated fairly and without preconceived bias or distinctions drawn on grounds which are irrelevant to employment. This will benefit both the staff by giving the opportunity for personal development and enhance the service to the community through the more effective use or the talents and skills of its workforce.

If the first response is not satisfactory, you can write to or email the office manager at head office. We will investigate further and you will receive a response within 10 working days from when we receive your letter or email.

If the second response is not satisfactory, you can then write to or email the Managing Director of the organisation. The Managing Director will look into your case and make a detailed investigation. Again you will receive a response within 10 working days from when we receive your letter. The address to write to is: Global London College 36-38 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1EP

Updated: 24 February 2020