Policies and Procedures

Ethical Code of Practice

Global London College Ltd Ethical Code of Conduct means we will:


● Respect the rule of law and comply with regulations and legislation

Not participate in or condone corrupt or otherwise unacceptable business  practices

Treat our employees with respect at all times, act as an equal opportunities employer and not exploit labour; observe human rights and seek assurance that suppliers meeting our selection criteria maintain similar standards

Promote a strong culture of health and safety and environmental and social awareness for the benefit of our customers, suppliers, employees and third parties

Have concern and consideration for all people affected by Global London College Ltd operations and the products and services we offer

Aim to provide continuous improvement of the products and services we supply

Require equivalent levels of conduct from any party with whom we interact or who acts on our behalf

Never knowingly engage in areas of business activity incompatible with social inclusion


Integrity and ethical behaviour is expected of all our employees at all times, whether dealing with colleagues, customers, suppliers or the public. Our objective at all times is to behave with integrity and to carry out our work and operations in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We believe in respecting the dignity and rights of individuals and cultures and avoiding conflicts of interest.


Although Global London College Ltd operates in the UK primarily, we recognise that human rights are universal. We have an Ethical Code of Conduct to which Global London College Ltd and our staff adhere and we apply the principles throughout our activities.


Our Conflicts of Interest Policy, which applies to directors and employees alike, prohibits staff from engaging in outside business activities without written consent. Staff are also required to disclose any external business interest or commercial activity that may create a conflict with their role and duties within Global London College Ltd.


Staff are not permitted to privately employ, or arrange for work to be carried out by a Global London College Ltd subcontractor. If our staff receive business gifts a strict monetary limit is placed on them. We request staff and Team members to declare gifts received or monetary offers.


We induct our employees in Global London College Ltd social and ethical standards and we expect them to understand and carry out their duties in accordance with our established values.

Updated: 24 February 2020