Policies and Procedures

Safety Induction and Training Procedure

1. Introduction


1.1 Safety Induction & Training


1.1.1 All employees of Global London College will be given induction training detailing responsibilities and safety requirements of the job. This will be done prior to commencing work.

1.1.2 This applies to the entire workforce including all staff working at GLC

1.1.3 General induction will be carried out by the  Global London College Manager in charge and as part of the induction.

1.1.4 In addition to the general safety requirements, the Manager in charge will carry out any health and safety induction for the specific job function, i.e. usage of Visual Display  Units  (VDUs),  Office  Safety  and  any  other specified  on  the  Induction checklist.

1.1.5 Documents will be kept as evidence that induction has taken place, which are: 

           ∙     Induction Checklist

           ∙     Inductions register

1.1.6 All persons must adhere to the safety rules that are set out and explained during induction.

1.1.7 This general induction covers the main company offices and also equipment and site related conditions. Further information will be given for site-specific conditions, detailed in method statements, work instructions and specific briefings.

1.1.8  Records of all training will be kept as part of the Safety Management System records.

1.1.9   The following forms are used as part of this procedure.


2. Induction Check List






Safety Policy


First Aid


Accident Reporting


House Keeping & Waste Disposal


Welfare Facilities




Emergency Exits




Site Access and Egress


Permit to Work


Employees Duties


Working at Heights – Equipment


Sub Contractors Duties




Safety Restrictions


Manual Handling




Lifting Equipment




Power Tools


Fire Safety


Plant and Mobile Equipment




Signs & Notices


Drugs & Alcohol


Confined Spaces


Buried Cables


Lone Working


Over Head Cables


Members of the Public


Highways and Footpaths


Dealing with Aggression



I have been instructed on safety requirements as identified by the above.




The Global London College Manager carrying out the induction should use the above list to highlight any specific hazards and brief the applicable policies and procedures. The induction register should also be signed by each person inducted.



3. Safety Induction Register



Employee Name































































































Updated: 24 February 2020