Policies and Procedures

Employee Safety Communications Procedure

 1     Consultation with Staff and Student


1.1.1  Global London College recognises its obligations to consult with Staff and Student on matters which may affect their health and safety.

1.1.2  The College  will consult with its Staff and Student either directly – face to face with each employee or indirectly with the   Global London College safety manager.

1.1.3  The College  will ensure that all Staff and Student will receive a College consultation form along with a College  letter concerning health, safety and welfare.

1.1.4  The College   will ensure that Staff and Student are consulted on changes affecting health and safety. A letter will be sent to the employee along with a consultation form – detailed below.


2     Consultation Examples


2.1.1  The following changes may be considered for consultation:

• Measures proposed in the workplace which may affect health and safety

• How health and safety information already required by law is passed to Staff and Student

• College  arrangements for health and safety training to meet new and increased risks

• Possible hazards of usage of new technology into the workplace and any issues  which may affect Staff or Student health and safety

• The arrangements for the assistance of a “competent person” to give advice on health and safety


3     Consultation

3.1.1  The College   will ensure that Staff and Student are consulted on changes affecting health and safety.

3.1.2  When an staff / student is consulted, the College  will make sure that the staff / student has access to all of the appropriate information of any change that may affect health and safety arrangements.


4     Letter to Staff




Re: Consultation on Health and Safety


Please find attached a health and safety consultation form.


The College is interested in your views on how we organise health and safety within the College, and any suggestions that you feel may improve our safety systems of work.


Please take the time to complete the attached form.  Alternatively you can request to see your Line Manager to discuss areas of concern or suggestions for improvement.



Alternatively, you can choose to elect an Line Manager to express your views. If this is the case, you will need to tell us so that we can arrange a proper election process.


Yours sincerely,



5     Safety Consultation



Job Title: 


I confirm that I have received consultation from the College  on changes to working practices and the safety systems in place. I have had the opportunity to discuss working practices and health and safety issues.




Further Information

Required Y/N Details:






College Response to Question








Updated: 24 February 2020