Policies and Procedures

Management Information System

This document is approved and authorised for application.

The Global London College board meets near the end of each month to review progress, performance management, product development and our key financial reports.

This meeting is reliant on the following documents being available, accurate and complete.


The financial reports are produced by the  Board of Directors  who are currently responsible for Financial matters.


The progress and performance management reports are produced by the Operations Director.


The product development report is produced by the Operation Director.


Performance Management Report

This report shows forecast, actual and variance figures for each contract.

It also shows the targets, actual and variance for the performance of each individual. Appropriate narrative is provided to explain these figures and any actions that are resulting.


Operational Progress Report

This report highlights the progress of business development, staff matters, a review of the risks identified and experienced and the business priorities for the month ahead.


Product and Training Development Report

This report shows the progress of any products or training being developed and how they fit within our overall training strategy. It enables discussion and agreement of our marketing strategy.


Profit and Loss Report

This report shows, broken down by each contract and type of business, the revenue, costs of goods sold and expenses incurred. It enables detailed analysis of the financial performance of each sector of the business.


Forecast Report

This report covers a full company financial year and looks at least 1 year ahead to show actual performance to-date and the forecast of performance to come. It is divided into each sector of the business and then consolidated for the whole business to enable analysis at detailed and summarised levels. This report also forecasts cashflow.


Balance Sheet

The company assets, liabilities and overall position will be reported each month and compared with the previous 3 month’s balance sheets to see trends developing


Updated: 24 February 2020