Policies and Procedures

Student Disciplinary Code


We want you, as a Global London College student, to feel part of a community which includes all the students and the staff in the building. To make this college an enjoyable place to study and work in, we have established a number of rules for everyone’s benefit. These are as follows:



Lesson times

We expect all students to arrive in good time so that classes can start at the scheduled time. If you are delayed for any reason, you may quietly enter classes either at the beginning of the morning or afternoon sessions up to five minutes after the official starting time. If you are more than five minutes late, you should wait until the start of

the next lesson to avoid disrupting the class. For all other lessons, you must arrive on time or miss the lesson completely.


Use of mobile phones or tablets in class

Please be courteous to your fellow students and teacher and do not use your mobile phone or tablets for personal messaging, telephoning, surfing the internet or anything not related to the lesson in the classroom.



Many students and staff do not smoke, and feel strongly that they do not want to breathe other people’s cigarettes. Students may not smoke anywhere within the building. There is a designated smoking area ten metres from the college entrance.



You are expected to attend all classes every day of your course except Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays. If you cannot attend classes due to sickness or another very good reason, you should notify the school office by telephone or email. If you know in advance that you cannot attend the class the following day, you must tell your teacher, but you must have a good explanation.


Non-European Union Students

Students from outside the European Union must attend at least 85% of their classes as part of the condition by which Global London College has agreed to sponsor their student visa. Global London College reserves the right to expel students who do not attend classes regularly without a reasonable explanation. If you are from outside the European Union, we may inform the UK Border Agency if we expel you, and you may have to leave the UK and may not be able to return ever again.



If your teacher gives you homework, you are expected to complete it and to take it seriously. It is disruptive to the class and disrespectful to the teachers if you do not complete the work as best you can. If you need help with your homework and/or feel it is too difficult for you, please speak to your teacher.


Global London College ID cards

All students should carry their Global London College ID cards when they enter the college, and may be (reasonably) asked by any member of staff to produce them. Students are expected to act as responsible members of the community in which they live, and to behave as considerate neighbours.


MISCONDUCT ( Also See Student Code of Conduct)


The rules listed above and below help to define what is reasonable behaviour and standards of conduct

that we expect of all our students. This is a serious place of study, and for the benefit of all students and staff Global London College must reserve the right to take disciplinary action against students who misconduct themselves. Misconduct includes the following behaviour which could result in disciplinary action by Global London College,



● Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive behaviour or language used within the school building, or whilst engaged in an activity organised by the college, or towards any member of staff or fellow student,

● Fraud, theft, deception or dishonesty in relation to Global London College, its staff or students.

●Racial, sexual or other kind of harassment of any student or member of staff.

●Damage to or defacement of Global London College property, or the property of other students or staff, which is caused intentionally or recklessly.

● Computer misuse

● Behaviour which brings Global London College into disrepute.

● Use of social media such as Facebook to harass, offend or abuse staff or students of Global London


● Disruptive behaviour in class or within the school building.

●The creation of excessive noise or other antisocial behaviour whilst in homestays, hostel, or host family organised by Global London College through Britannia Student Services.

●The creation of excessive noise or other antisocial behaviour towards neighbours, of accommodation organized by Global London College through Britannia Student Services.

● The possession or use of illegal substances (drugs) and offensive weapons in or outside the college building, the homestays or hostel organised by Global London College through an agency Britannia Student Services.

● Being drunk or under the influence of illegal drugs whilst at the college, or in homestays organised by the college through an agency Britannia Student Services.



Students who misconduct themselves (as defined above) may face the following Disciplinary action depending on the seriousness of the event:


1. You may be given a first warning, with a time limit of up to 24 weeks for further action if you commit another act of Misconduct;

2. You may be given a second warning with a time limit of up to 24 weeks for further action if you commit another act of Misconduct;

3. You may be suspended temporarily from attending the school or any activities organised by the school;

4. You may be asked to leave the school permanently and you will not receive any refund for the unused part of the course;

5. For 16+ students: we may inform your parents and/or your agent if you  are being expelled for   misconduct.



If we take disciplinary action to suspend you from college activities, or permanently expel you, you have the right to fair treatment and can ask the Principal to reconsider this action. You have the right to meet with the Principal in the presence of another student to explain your behaviour or to give your opinion on the decision. The Principal has a duty to investigate promptly and properly any facts on which you disagree.


The college observes a complaints procedure which is explained separately, and you can use it if you feel that the school’s disciplinary action has been unfair or unreasonable.


Updated: 24 February 2020