Policies and Procedures

Appeals Policy (Academic)


1. Duty of the Centre


It is our responsibility as a Centre that all learners are aware of the appeals process and all learners will have access to a responsive appeals process.


The Principal and the Centre’s Quality Assurance Team are responsible for managing the Appeals Policy.


1) Assessment of evidence against the specified Assessment Criteria is a process with assessors giving constructive feedback at the time of the assessments through assessment feedback.

2) If the learner disagrees with an assessment, or proposed assessment plan, the learner will be expected to explain the basis of the disagreement to the assessor at the time of the feedback session. The assessor must be able to highlight clearly to the learner why the criterion has not been met, or the reasons for the proposed assessment plan. This type of ‘negotiation’ does not constitute a formal appeal.

3) If, after such a feedback session, the disagreement has not been resolved, both the assessor and learner should request advice promptly from the Centre’s Quality Assurance Manager who will try to resolve the issue. If this is not possible, the Appeals Procedure shown below should be invoked.

4) The consideration of appeals that are made will help the internal quality process and the Centre’s Quality Assurance Manager to monitor the assessment process and improve it, where appropriate.

5) Records of all formal appeals will be recorded in the Appeals Log which will be available to any representative of future and/or a representative of the Regulatory Body.


Updated: 24 February 2020