Policies and Procedures

Lateness Policy and Attendance Regulation


Students must participate in the learning activities and arrive for their classes on time.



1. Students must attend at least 85% of classes. A record of students’ attendance is taken for reference when students apply for an extension of their visas. The regulations for language schools require that the College takes responsibility for reporting, to the Home Office, the students who have registered and then failed to attend without any acceptable reasons.

2. If students fail to attend their course, do not respond to warning and do not provide reasons for their absence, the College will report them to the Home Office after one month of absence.

3. As well as close investigation of students’ attendance rate, we regulate the students’ behaviour in the following ways:

lStudents are not allowed to enter classrooms if they are more than 5 minutes late.

lThe above students might be regarded as being absent as a result of being refused to enter the classroom by the teacher.

lStudents who are late must wait until break time to join the class.

lAttendance is marked 5 minutes into a lesson. (Students more then 15 min late will requested to join the class after the break: 1-2-1 and to 2-2-1 students must report to the office to inform us of your late arrival)

lStudent delayed by public transport issues will also to contact the office (Mobile, Text or email to advise on your arrival time)   

lIf the student is late on three occasions then he/she will be referred to the student welfare officer. If there is no further improvement than disciplinary action will be taken.

lStudents are not allowed to leave until the end of class, unless permitted by the teacher.

lSigning the register for other students is considered a criminal offence and will be treated accordingly.

4. Students must ask their tutor for permission if they have urgent things to do and therefore cannot be present in class.

5. If no prior notice is given and no proof provided for extended absence (such as GP or hospital letter of sickness), the period of time the student did not attend class will be regarded as an unauthorised absence.




1. Students, who fall ill, are victims of an accident or are unable to attend classes for reasons beyond their control, must inform the college about the reason for their absence within 2 working days.

2. The college will attempt to call the students on the 3rd day.

3. If a student fails to attend 5 consecutive working days she/he is reported, by their teacher, to the Welfare Officer who informs the Principal.

4. On the 6th day of absence a Stage 1 Warning Letter is sent via snail mail and a scanned copy emailed to the students email address.

5. If the student fails to respond to the letter within 3 working days, a Stage 2 Warning Letter is sent, and emailed.

6. If the student fails to respond to the Stage 2 Letter, a Stage 3 Cancellation Letter is sent, allowing 3 working days for the students to contact the college.

7. The student will no longer be treated as a registered student of Global London College after the stage 3 letter has been sent and there is no response.


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Updated: 24 February 2020