Policies and Procedures




1. Respect: Please abide by the classroom regulations for not coming late or leaving early. Please do not leave the classroom during classes without permission. Mobile phones must be switched off. Please follow teachers’ orders and do not interrupt lessons.


2. Anti-Social Behaviour: Any incident of violence is a breach of College regulations and the student will be excluded from the College permanently with no right of refund. Smoking, fighting, gambling, drug abuse and alcohol drinking are forbidden in the College.


3. Food and Drink: Students may remain in the classroom during breaks; however, they are not allowed to consume food in the classrooms.

Please note: Nothing but water may be consumed during classes.


4. Damage to Property: Do not damage the desks, books, walls or equipment. Any damage to College property will be compensated for by the student who caused the damage.


5. Computers College computers are primarily for educational purposes: If you are merely surfing and another student wants to study, please move.

DO NOT detach the computer LAN cables and connect your personal laptop.

DO NOT uses our computers to download software and music.


6. Cleanliness: Please take care of College property and maintain the sanitation of the classrooms. Waste paper and disposable cups must be thrown into the bin. Students are responsible for keeping their immediate work area clean and tidy. Please remember to flush the toilet, turn off the tap and switch off the light.


7. Dress Code: Global London College believes that all students should be allowed to dress according to their personal taste and convictions, provided that the clothing is suitable for a public space. We therefore request the students refrain from wearing clothing with provocative statements, sunglasses, and other casual headgear that prevents the student’s face from being visible.


8. Politics and religion: Activities such as political campaigning and religious promotion should not be carried out on the College premises. However, students are entitled to express their political and religious beliefs in a reasonable manner.


9. Tuition Fees and Costs: Students will pay for all costs and tuition fees themselves. The College will not pay any costs; neither do we act as a guarantor for students. Students do not receive any medical insurance from the College. All medical expenses will be paid by the students themselves.




               Updated: 24 February 2020