Policies and Procedures

Refund policy


Global London College (GLC) aims at a fair and transparent refund policy. This policy provides guidelines as to when GLC can refund a deposit payment or course fees. It will also offer advice about the type of documents that are needed for a refund application to be processed successfully.


1. Cancellation of the booking

1.1. The College has a Non Refundable Enrolment Fee of:

1.1.1. £500.00 (Five hundred sterling pounds) for Tier 4 documentation issued.

1.1.2. £350.00 (Three hundred fifty sterling pounds) for Short- term study Visa.

1.1.3. £50.00 (Fifty) for NON VISA Students [EU & UK students].


1.2. Before the commence day

1.2.1. For cancellations made up to seven (7) days prior to arrival, will be   charged £50.00 administration fee in the case of NON VISA Students [EU & UK students].

1.2.2. For cancellations made after seven (7) days prior to arrival, will be charged £50.00 admission fee and full tuition fee in case of NON VISA Students [EU & UK students].

1.2.3. In case of VISA Refusal, the college will refund the full fee amount already paid, except the non refundable Enrolment fee as specified above.


1.3. No refunds will be made in the following cases:

1.3.1. If the student changes his/her or mind about applying for Application for leave to remain (FLR) or Entry Clearance, once a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) has been issued, the tuition fees will not be refunded.

1.3.2. The FLR or Entry Clearance application is refused due to fraudulent documents that have been used in the current or any previous visa application.

1.3.3. The FLR or Entry Clearance visa application has been refused due to the non-submission of the listed documentation stated on the CAS.

1.3.4. The student/guardian has withdrawn the required funds which were considered when issuing the CAS.

1.3.5. The FLR or Entry Clearance visa application is refused due to insufficient funds.

1.3.6. The FLR or Entry Clearance visa application is refused due to the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) not being satisfied i.e. the applicant is not a genuine student or the applicant cannot speak English to the required standard at the interview stage.


1.4. After the commence day

1.4.1. No refunds will be made in the following cases:   A student breaches the code of conduct resulting in expulsion.  A student withdraws from course due to poor attendance or academic progress.   Early Course withdraw.  UK and EU students who have prepaid their course in full, would be considered for a pro-rata refund.  In case of withdrawing from course a surcharge of £1,500.00 (One thousand five hundred sterling) is applicable if a student has used college documentation to confirm study on:

                           *A Short-term Study Visa .

                           *Via a Tier 4 sponsor (CAS) visa application.

N.B. The College reserves the right to request the Entry Clearance officer at the issuing UK Embassy or High Commission to confirm that GLC documents have NOT been used for purpose of Entry Clearance by the student.


2. GLC responsibilities

2.1. Full refunds will be given to students if the College is unable to offer an advertised course on the advertised start date or within six months thereafter due to insufficient student applications or for any other reason.

2.2. A refund will be given to the students who have applied from overseas where the visa refusal is caused by fault of the college.


3. Refund Procedures:

3.1. Applications for either refund or transfer must be made in writing using the appropriate forms which must be signed by the student.

3.2. In case of visa refusal, the original visa refusal letter, copy of refusal stamp on the passport and any other letter from the college must be enclosed with the refund application form.

3.3. If students wish to appeal against the refusal decision, then Global London College will keep the tuition fees which have already been paid until the decision of the appeal has been made.

3.4. If the original decision of refusal is not overturned the student must inform Global London College no later than two months after the appeal hearing date in order to claim their refund. This will be decided based on the reason of the appeal decision and verified by the UK Embassy. [Please, forward refusal letter issued by UK Embassy].

3.5. Any refunds payable will usually be made within eight (8) weeks of receiving the completed refund application form.

3.6. Refunds will be paid by cheque or bank transfer for currently enrolled students.

3.7. A student, who has been refused a refund, can make an appeal to the GLC board management in writing.

3.8. The decision of the GLC board management will be final.


               Updated: 24 February 2020