Policies and Procedures

GLC Staff Code of Conduct


To ensure quality service to our students we also require a high standard of behaviour from staff and team members of the college.]


The list below outlines standards of behaviour and commitment expected for all team members.


1. Acceptable (Dress Code) for both administrative and teaching staff.

2. High quality time keeping and time management in relation to class time tables, assessment and examination deadlines.

3. Keeping accurate time sheet and ensuring hours claimed have been agreed by senior management.

4. Also to use appropriate language and etiquette when dealing with student, fellow team members senior management and GLC stakeholders (e.g. Examination bodies, agents, government departments.

5. Be professional by informing the college office in case of illness or travel delays- which may impact on time table delivery or scheduled meetings.

6. To be able to work to the required academic standards to warding bodies quality assurance expectations of the college (e g insuring records on curriculum, SOW lesson plans, power points, ILPs, and students academic progress).    

7. Smoking Smoking is prohibited in all parts of the building, as well as directly outside.

8. Alcohol in the Workplace Except when authorised (e.g. Staff/ student reception), GLC team members are not permitted to consume alcohol inside the GLC building or during working hours.

9. Drug Dependency Anyone found in possession or consuming (non – prescribed medication or drugs) offering to sell or produce controlled drugs, in the course of their employment, will be summarily dismissed.

10. Good Housekeeping If you discover any unsafe conditions you must report them to Luan Dranga or the GLC reception.


               Updated: 24 February 2020