Policies and Procedures

Recruitment and Selection Policy


This policy is devised to ensure that in the Recruitment and Selection of staff  there is an ethos of equality and diversity for all.


Global London College has a recruitment and selection policy to ensure that the appointments made are the best for the organisation, open and transparent and provide equal opportunities to all.


This policy should be read in conjunction with Global London College Equality and Diversity Policy and Procedures and its Disability, Race and Gender Equality Schemes.

Equality and Diversity

Global London College welcome all applications from under – represented groups, including black and ethnic minorities and disabled people. In its quest that is staff profile reflects the wide community.

All recruitment documentation produced will promote diversity, including someone’s race, gender and disability and will also be nondiscriminatory and free from stereotypical images.

Global London College will carry out statistical monitoring or the recruitment and selection exercise and amend the process if appropriate in an attempt to ensure that the staff profiles reflect the Community and Global London College aim of social inclusion.

Global London College wish to promote equality of opportunity and in particular, to introduce clear guidance about how many candidates with disabilities must be treated in relation to reasonable adjustments, including the introduction of the guaranteed interview scheme.


Before recruitment and selection process proceeds formal authorisation must be given by the Management team.

Once the process has been authorised, the Human resource team must be consulted regarding the time scale and method for advertising and the associated paperwork and arrangements.


All posts will be advertised internally and externally advertised. Internal Advertisements will fall into two classifications; ring fenced and internal. The director will determine which classification is appropriate.

Ring fenced advertisements: Will open to those staff within a faculty/section or other group of appropriately qualified and experienced staff when a vacancy arises.

Internal Advertisements: Will be for posts falling vacant and such posts will be available to any applicant.

As far as is practicable, Global London College will strive to make absent members of staff aware of employment and career opportunities within  GLC staff/consultants  absent due to ill health / maternity leave.


Applications will be treated confidentially and circulated only to those staff directly involved In the recruitment and selection process.

Shortlisting decisions will be based upon the person specification and objective  job based Criteria.

Normally the same panel will shortlist and interview candidates, but at least two people should be involved in both. Those shortlisting need not meet together but there should be some contact and/or discussion to ensure that there is consistency within the process.

Staff involved in the recruitment process must disclose to HR if they are related to a prospective candidate or are a personal friend. A decision will then be taken by Assistant Director with responsibility for HR on if it is appropriate for the staff member to continue with their involvement and if necessary agree a replacement.

Documentary evidence of a fair process will be maintained should a candidate raise a case of unlawful discrimination against Global London College (See GLC interview check list) and to enable honest and accurate feedback to be provided to unsuccessful candidates if required.

Special Note: GLC work with mainly consultants , individuals introduce / recommended to the college. Small advertisements also placed on Gumtree and Indeed. Where an applicant identifies themselves as being disabled (under the terms of  the Equality Act 2010)  the HR Team will discuss whether any reasonable  adjustments will be required if a candidate is selected for interview.  The equality information will not be revealed to any selection panel ( Current GLC facilities difficult to access  for disabled candidates).


In the case of permanent teaching staff and management grade staff the appointing officer will be a member of the Senior Management Team.

All questions will be relevant, job related and within the scope of current legislation. All candidates will be asked the same questions and scored using an agreed assessment template.

Additional methods of selection may be useful in assessing a candidate’s suitability for a post, i.e. Presentations  typing tests, short written questions, and scenario based written or verbal Exercises.

Offer of Employment or confirmation for services ( Companies, Consultants and Self-employed)

A recommendation for a permanent appointment must be presented to the Board and agreed all offers of employment/ service contracts  will be subject to two satisfactory references, evidence of eligibility to work  in the UK, and confirmation of educational qualifications and trial period of work( Minimum 3 months). PAYE contracts trial period one year.

All offers of employment will be subject to the successful completion of an enhanced criminal records disclosure from Disclosure Scotland.

Notification of Outcome

The College commits to informing all applicants regarding the outcome of their application within a reasonable timescale. The College will also provide honest and accurate feedback to applicants on request.


The College commits to providing relevant induction training to all staff /consultants and monitoring the effectiveness of this training.


It is inevitable that staff/ consultants at all levels may wish to further careers out-with Global London College.

The environment in which staff/ consultants are expected to work will be of a high standard with state of the art ICT facilities provided.

Line managers should facilitate discussion at all relevant opportunities with staff/ consultants including appraisals and reviews to reflect on issues, CPD and individuals development. The board must ensure that key staffs are made aware that their endeavors on behalf of Global London College are appreciated and recognised.

All permanent staff/ consultants will be having a yearly appraisals.

GLC line managers need to identify  potential difficulties and should report on absence staff turnover, exit interview comments, analysis of appraisals forms and staff/ consultants surveys.

Evening/Temporary Appointments

Where business needs dictate the need to make temporary appointments ie for short courses,  sick leave or other personal issues  principles for the recruitment  process are the same as above. The only difference will be that advertising vacancies may be replaced by reviewing speculative employment enquiries  already received by the College.

Candidates should be interviewed and can be appointed by any person on the senior management team or person duly delegated, in writing, by the board.

Retention of Documentation (Data Protection Act 1998)

In line with legislative requirements, recruitment documentation will be held securely by the GLC administration.


This policy will be reviewed by annually or when circumstances change any part of it.

Updated:  24 February 2020