Policies and Procedures

Registration and Certification Policy

The aim of the Global London College registration and certification policy is:


1.To register individual learners to the correct programme or qualification within agreed timescales. To claim valid learner certificates within agreed timescales.

2.To construct a secure, accurate and accessible audit trail to ensure that individual learner registration and certification claims can be tracked to the certificate which is issued for each learner.


1. In order to do this, Global London College will:


1) Register each learner within the awarding organisation requirements.

2) Provide a mechanism to check the accuracy of learner registrations.

3) Make each learner aware of their registration status.

4) Keep up to date information on withdrawals, transfers or changes to learner details.

5) Ensure that certificate claims are timely and based solely on internally verified assessment records.

6) Audit certificate claims made to the awarding body.

7) Audit the certificates received from the awarding body to ensure accuracy and completeness.

8) Keep all records safely and securely for three years post certification.


2. Review arrangements


We will review this document annually as part of our self-evaluation arrangements. However, a review will be commissioned earlier should an issue arise in relation to an actual or potential conflict of interest and/or in response to customer, learner or regulatory feedback.


3. Contact us


If you have any queries about the contents of the policy, please contact the Head of Centre by email at or write to:  Global London College, 36-38 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1EP




Updated:  24 February 202