Policies and Procedures

Contingency Plan

Contingency plan.

The Board and Management team have discussed various possibilities or situations that could impact on the operation of the college.


1. Financial support and sales turnover: The Directors/shareholders are agreed to continue additional investment (to counter balance cash-flow short falls).With our current marketing activities in UK, Europe, China, Albania and Middle East, we envisage that the financial year commencing 1st December 2016 will allow GLC to breakeven in terms of covering operating costs- and may possibly post a profit for the year end 30th September 2017.


2. Cover: The College currently works with hourly paid teachers who work on a need to basis with us. We hire them when we are running a course. As we have a database of Tutors available in case of holiday cover, personal emergencies, sick cover and departure of individuals and therefore, we are prepared for any emergency cover.


3. Business continuity teaching: The College will operate business as usual via online access on their internal staff and student portal ‘information Management System’. This portal allows a teacher to upload and access information and allows students to access and interact with the teacher.  Therefore, teaching will continue as usual.


4. Business continuity operational: if there are any problems with getting to work (riots, fire and/or police cordoning). The college will connect and interact with colleagues, stakeholder’s staff and employees through social media, Skype, telephone and email. Any meetings organised with external people will be organised at a suitable venue.


5. Facilities: The College has released its two floors due to lack of students. However, facilities have been updated and we have good size class rooms for teaching. The building complies with building regulations and is appropriately maintained and insured and there are fire exits and signs on all floors.


6. We are a tier 4 approved college: However, the majority of international students currently studying with us in the UK have come as ‘Student visitors’ – this is not CAS dependent. However, The College currently aims to ONLY issue 15 CAS letters for the coming academic year.

European students:

We view our main growth area will be in the delivery of English language courses in General English, IELTS preparation and specialist English for Business, Construction training. (The mentioned courses are NOT CAS dependent).


OTHER Programmes:

Plans include:

l‘Corporate Training’ – with potential contracts in the Middle East – with candidates funded by their governments or employers.

lUK and EU market: – Forward planning for 2017- for Pearson BTEC HNC/HND- with possible government funding.



Updated:  24 February 2020