Policies and Procedures

Learner Identification Policy

Learner Identification Policy


Global London College (GLC) Learner Identification Policy ensures the integrity of examination and assessment procedures, and keeps learners and staff safe.




  • To reinforce GLC commitment to Safeguarding in a relatively open educational setting.

  • To ensure GLC meets its Equality and Diversity commitments.

  • To ensure the identity of all students has been properly checked for correct application of funding.

  • To clarify the procedures for recognising change of name.

  • To ensure the integrity of examination and assessment procedures.

Identity Policy and Safeguarding


  • Learners will be given a GLC ID badge which they should wear during classes.

  • ID badge photos must show the full face image for identification purposes.

  • Learners without their ID badge will be given a temporary pass.

  • Our recruitment practices involve detailed identity checks for all shortlisted candidates before recruitment of new staff is confirmed.

  • Staff found to be without their ID badge on more than one occasion will be asked to meet the Director of Operations to explain any mitigating circumstances. If there are none, they may be subject to disciplinary procedures.

  • Where relevant a check is made for an existing Unique Learner Number (ULN) to ensure qualifications are correctly attributed to learners.

Change of Name


  • It is the responsibility of the learners and staff to ensure that there is consistency between their records and their ID badge.

  • GLC will comply with requests for changes, initially on production of formal documents (passport; drivers licence; marriage, civil partnership, divorce, dissolution certificate) prepared by a solicitor, Deed Poll or other documents approved by funding agencies.

  • Where no formal documents are available, those records which are within our discretion (ID pass, registers) will be changed using “Also Known As”.

  • Students must complete a change of details form.

Integrity of Examination Procedures

  • All learners need to show their ID badges before entering an examination.

  • Alternative photo ID can be shown in exceptional circumstances (e.g. for external candidates or learners who have forgotten their ID badge). The priority will be the smooth running of the exams.

  • If a student has no form of ID with them prior to an exam, they will be asked to take the exam and then be required to report to the Director to check their ID on the system.

                 Updated:  24 February 2020