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Disability Equality Policy

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Disability Equality Policy


Global London College (GLC) is committed to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities and recognises its responsibility under the current legislation to ensure that it does not discriminate against students or potential students with a Disability. We welcome students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties and are committed to the continuing development of an “enabling” environment and a non- discriminatory culture within the College community. We recognise the importance of effective support mechanisms in enabling all Students to achieve their potential and will continue to improve and expand provision for students with a disability. This Policy seeks to reinforce this commitment.


The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, as amended by the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 (SEND A), rendering it unlawful for bodies responsible for such provision to discriminate against students with a disability. GLC is committed to providing access for students with a disability in an inclusive learning and teaching environment and to ensuring that students with a disability have the same opportunities as non-disabled students. Staff and employees at GLC will strive to anticipate the requirements of students with a disability and to ensure that wherever possible appropriate provision is in place and that reasonable adjustments have been made.


The Equality Act (2010), defines disability as “a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities”. The Act makes it unlawful for providers of education and related services to discriminate on the basis of the disability.

Discrimination may occur in two ways:

  1. When a responsible body treats a disabled person less favourably, for a reason relating to the persons’ disability, than it treats or would treat a person to whom that reason did not apply.

  1. It also occurs where a responsible body has failed to make a reasonable adjustment, which has meant that a disabled person has been placed at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with a student or employee who is not disabled. 

The Act makes it a statutory duty for a responsible body to make reasonable adjustments. This is an anticipatory duty owed to disabled persons at large. It is not simply a duty to individuals.


The Code states that responsible bodies should not wait until a disabled person applies to a course or applies for employment before thinking about what reasonable adjustments could be made. Instead, the requirements of disabled persons should be continually anticipated.


The Act requires GLC to offer students every opportunity to disclose their disability. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, any information will be treated appropriately. Not choosing to declare a disability is the right of the individual. However, in order to comply with its duty to make reasonable adjustments GLC will seek to ensure that it is aware of the needs of individual students and will seek to anticipate those needs. If a student declares a disability staff should be aware of the procedures for the dissemination of information and of the issue of confidentiality


This Policy and Code of Practice is designed to support staff and employees in understanding their responsibilities under the Act and in identifying and developing best practice.

Building Access


The reception is located on the first floor thus giving access to the library and photocopier. There is a lift which is accessible from the ground floor and has ample space for wheelchair users and can also be used by less mobile people.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Quality Assurance Manager is to ensure that the policy and its related procedures are effectively implemented.

  • Ensure all staff and students are aware of their responsibilities under the legislation.

GLC will:

  • Encourage applications for study and employment from persons with disabilities.

  • Judge applicants with disabilities solely on the basis of their potential.

  • Invite applicants with disabilities to contact the college to discuss how their needs might be met.

  • Offer information to any student applicant with disabilities who requires study support for help which might be available.

  • Provide adapted examination or assessment arrangements for eligible students.

  • Remain committed to ensure that all sections of the college are active in supporting students with disabilities.

  • Continue to increase the provision for disabled students in the college as far as is practicable.

  • Regularly review this policy and plan ways to improve it.

What to do if I have a disability?


If you are a student with a diagnosed learning disability you need to provide the GLC Administration Office with the appropriate documentation concerning your disability at the point of admission to the College, or as soon  as possible after enrolment.


For those conditions diagnosed after enrolment, declaration to should be made   to the Administration Office immediately upon diagnosis.


The College will make all reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities, but you should make sure you report your requirements as soon as possible so that you can begin to benefit immediately from the adjustments we will make.

In particular, if you are a student with physical disabilities, we ask that you communicate with the Administration Office as soon as you can so that we can make any physical adjustments possible to accommodate you. All of your information will be kept securely within the College’s student records system, which has appropriate access protocols in place. Please refer to our Code of Practice: Reasonable Adjustments.


In addition to providing us with official medical documentation to validate your individual arrangements, you must complete a Disability Equality Form (see below).


For questions or concerns about the College’s student disability policy, please contact Luan Dranga , Diversity, Quality and Policy Section.

Disability Equality Form


Special Educational Need, Mental Health or Physical Disability


GLC is legally obliged to provide reasonable adjustments for students with diagnosed and documented learning, mental health or physical disabilities. GLC will make sure that all students receive appropriate support and consideration in all areas at the College. In order to do this, all students are asked to let the Administration Office know about their needs at an early stage of their registration, and to provide us with all the necessary official documentation to allow us to put appropriate strategies in place as soon as possible.


Please complete this form if you want to let GLC know that you have a diagnosed and documented special educational need, mental or physical disability.


You must attach supporting documentation in the form of an educational psychologist’s assessment or a doctor or consultant’s letter or report (or indicate that this assessment is to follow). This should be dated within the last two years, and include the full name and address of the assessor/medical professional.


Students with disabilities may be entitled to special arrangements for mid-term and final assessments/examinations, and in the classroom. In order to make the best arrangements for your individual needs you must let GLC know as soon as you can, if you want to be able to benefit from special arrangements.


As soon as this form is received, a member of our staff will contact you with more information.


Family name: First name:  

GLC ID number: Date of birth:  


Details of additional support needs:


Please tick the box(es) you feel most accurately represent your disability(ies):

             Specific Learning Difficulty – eg dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD etc 

Blind or partially sighted 

Deaf or hard of hearing  Wheelchair user 

MobilityDifficulties  Need personal care  Mental Health Issue 

Medical Condition 

Asperger Syndrome/Autism  Other 


Please give details of any conditions below (including diagnosis):

Evidence you will be providing of your condition below: Educational Psychologist’s report: Attached ( )

To follow ( )

Doctor/Consultant’s report or letter: Attached ( )

To follow ( )

Other support needed:

I need adapted facilities in accommodation (applicants, please note that you must also outline your particular requirements on your accommodation

application form ).


I need assistance with emergency evacuation

(Please state if you would need someone to help you get out of a building if there was a fire, or if you would have problems hearing a fire alarm)


Other: Please state


Returning this form:


Scanned copies (must have been printed and signed first) can be sent to Administration Office at info@glcollege.org


Posted copies can be sent to: Global London College, 149 Fleet St, London, EC4A 3DL.


You can bring the form to us in person to the above address (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm.


Please note if you are a UK citizen you may be entitled to a Disabled Student Allowance from the Government. Please check the link below to see if you qualify.



All information relating to your disability is held in confidence in GLC’s student records system, which has appropriate secure access protocols in place. If you are awarded extra time in examinations, or if other practical arrangements need to be made, faculty and staff members are informed about these so they can help you manage  your study.


If you have questions about the procedures please contact the Office and ask for Swe Swe .




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