Policies and Procedures


“Learning for all above all”

1: Introduction

The expertise and experience of teachers and support staff are recognised as a school’s most valuable resource. At Global London College we aim to help all staff to achieve their potential by offering a programme of Continuous Professional Development provision.

This is delivered through a range of both formal and informal training activities. The school aims to be a learning organisation in which staff and students work together to achieve the highest possible standards. In recognition of its high quality staff development provision.

2: Aims

Continuous Professional Development has two main purposes:

a: To improve the quality of education for students in school

b: To improve colleagues’ professional attributes, knowledge, understanding and skills

Our aim is therefore to ensure that all teachers and support staff at Global London College have access to high quality effective CPD which meets the needs of individuals and the school.

3: Planning

There are inevitably financial and time constraints within which the school has to work. Typical areas for priority would include curriculum development, leadership development, classroom management, coaching and induction.

4: External CPD applications

External professional development activities may take the form of a course, an exam board or moderation meeting or conference. A member of staff applying for an external professional development activity should ensure he/she follows the correct procedures . He/she must first consider what their learning objectives and intended outcomes are and then discuss the application with his/her line manager. At this stage it is also useful to check with the cover officer whether the date requested is possible. An Application for Inset form should then be completed and signed by the line manager. Applications are then forwarded to the Directors for approval.

It is usual practice to send one member of the Department on a course with the expectation that he/she will feed back to other colleagues. If Departments need to train more than one member of staff, it is sometimes more cost-effective to organise training in-house.

5:Professional Development activities

The school recognises that there are many different forms of professional development. Some of these are listed below:

  • Sharing good practice at meetings

  • Asking a colleague/ “expert” to show you

  • Attending a course

  • In-service days

  • Classroom observation

  • Mentoring activities

  • Working towards professional development objectives

  • Developing resources with colleagues

  • Working within a learning team (departmental, support staff, pastoral, working party)

  • Reading educational, academic journals

  • Visits to other schools

  • Shadowing

6: Meetings

Staff meetings aim to be developmental in nature. Often this takes the form of colleagues sharing good practice with the rest of the staff. Area meetings are also increasingly used to share ideas and discuss teaching and learning.

7: Induction

New staff are issued with an induction checklist. Completed induction checklists should be stored in the central staff records file.

8: Performance Management Reviews (see also Performance Management Policies for both teaching and support staff)

All staff participate in the Review process. Colleagues review their performance with their line manager on an 6 monthly basis at the Planning and Review meeting and set objectives for development.. Teaching staff are also observed as part of the Review process.

9: Classroom observation

This is recognised as one of the most effective ways in which teachers can develop their knowledge and skills. Formal lesson observations take place as part of the Performance Management process and in order to evaluate the quality of teaching and learning across the school. Written and verbal feedback is provided after an observation. A copy of the lesson plan, materials and observation report outlining the strengths and areas for development and overall lesson grade, is stored in the staff CPD file.

10. Teaching staff are encouraged to undertake activities such as evening teachers seminars, lectures and language fairs.


Updated: 24 February 2020