Our experienced staff can help you find the accommodation you want, whether it be a room, hostel, or host family. Living in London can be stressful but our friendly staff are always ready to give you advice and any help you may need.

We arrange host family and self-catering accommodation through an agency called Britannia Student Services. Britannia inspects all accommodation to check that it is suitable. For any 16+ learners we would also carry out Risk Assessment audit in line with our safeguarding policy which was endorsed by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), the government regulator and accreditation body.

Most accommodation is based in Zone 1,2,3 or 4 (30 to 50 minutes from the college by public transport).

If you would like us to arrange accommodation for you, please send a deposit of the first two weeks` rent so that we can reserve a room on your behalf. There will be a £100 finding fee, which should be sent together with the accommodation deposit. You will lose the deposit if you do not cancel at least 10 working days before your planned arrival.

Please contact the school if you would like us to arrange accommodation in the UK for you.