Student Services

Pre-arrival Guide

Welcome to Global London College! We are here to help you with everything you need to be a happy and successful student.

To help you here is information about:

  • What to expect on your first day
  • What you need to do before coming to Global London College
  • Information about the courses you will be taking


You are welcome to come to the college during the week before you start your studies to pay fees, apply for recognition of prior learning (show us your certificates) and to receive your study timetable.

Induction (Introduction to college)

Your Induction starts on the first week of your course.

Your induction will  provide valuable information about your course and also let you meet your teachers and other students in the course. It introduces you to Health and Safety policy, student welfare, life in London, attendance policies, examination sessions, personal teaching assistance and disability policy.


You will need to allow for the cost of textbooks if you want to buy textbooks for your course. Each course textbook will cost £30 to £40. For some courses you may be able to buy second-hand books from former students or on the internet at a lower cost. The textbooks are also available in the library, but demand for these is high and you cannot expect to be able to use only the library copy of the text.

Note: Course book fees are not included in tuition fee.

Computing Facilities

As a modern educational institution, Global London College provides unlimited internet access together with limited printing facility to all its students. Students should consider the environment before printing.

Fee payment

You need to pay full fees at the time of your admission.

Payment can be made by:

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfers : Please Allow 10 working days for the Bank Transfer to be completed.

Please make sure that you read our policies (including refund policy) at Global London College. We must read and agree to these terms when you enrol with us.


Recognition of Prior Learning(checking certificates)

Show us your certificates and we can tell you what level you can study at.

If you have already taken some courses somewhere else or have work experience which may be directly connected to your course then you may be exempt from some modules of the course.


Pre-application Open Days

Please note that the pre-application open days will take place in July, September, January, March.

To book your place for open day email or visit the college reception.



The College can help our students find accommodation through our relationship with GoBritanya student accommodation agency.

Please contact the Welfare Officer for more information.



Student Welfare

You can contact the Welfare Officer between 8am to 9pm on the following number if you have an emergency or need help: 07869 55539.

The college provides an advice service and will help students with their future studies and career development. Welfare support and counselling is available for students who want extra help in settling in the UK or need advice in personal or study areas. We can also help you write your CV.


Health Care

The Student Services team will help students register with a doctor (overseas students can have health care under the National Health Service)


Registering with a Doctor

It is very important that you register with a local doctor (GP) as soon as possible. Your doctor can help with all health related matters. We can help you register.


NHS Walk-In Centres

Walk-in centres give healthcare advice and treatment without making an appointment. You can go there and see a nurse on the same day. They can help you with minor accidents and injuries and illnesses (for example colds, flu, stomach upsets) and minor injuries. They can also give you health advice and information.


Disability Support

Global London College offers support and personal care to all the students and members of staff who have any kind of disability or dyslexia. Please feel free to speak to a member of the welfare team who will assist in arranging personal tutors trained to deliver teaching to students of special needs. Additionally, the college strictly condemns any form of discrimination against disabled people and has strong procedures in place for punitive actions against offenders. The college has security presence; thereby the assistance for disabled people starts from the entrance doors.



The welfare team will listen to any inquiries sensitively and in private. Students will usually continue to see the same advisor in all their time at the College.


How to book an appointment

To book an appointment, please contact the reception to arrange a time.


Tel: 0207-637-8154