English Language

General English

The General English course is designed around a course book for Beginner to Advanced level students. Our teachers focus on adapting the lessons to accommodate their students’ needs in a positive classroom environment. 

During this course, the students have the opportunity to work on Speaking, Writing, Reading &Listening, expand their vocabulary and improve their grammar knowledge and use. 


IELTS Exam Preparation

The IELTS exam preparation course is designed around a course book which will help students explore all the different exam papers in depth. Our teachers focus on helping students achieve their IELTS goals by covering strategies, techniques, and advice on each exam paper (Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking), introducing Academic vocabulary and improving their grammar range. 


Business English

The Business English course helps professionals with the language and communication skills they need to do business in English. Our teachers focus on covering essential skills and language for everyday work situations using materials that allow interaction with the language in a dynamic way. 


Part-Time English

The Part-time English course is ideal for individuals who live/work in London but still need some help to feel more confident when using English in their daily life. Tailored to accommodate the students’ busy lifestyle, the course will cover a variety of topics and will help students improve their language skills. 



*We do not accept students under the age of 18 on any of our courses.