Summer & Short-Term Courses

15 hours class contact in the mornings, Mon – Fri

12 hours of activities outside the class in the afternoons, Tues, Wed & Fri

1. A “Graded reader” is a book in English (usually well-known) at the student’s level of English which he / she can read for pleasure during the course.

2. The project referred to will be a large poster which students will have to design in groups to advertise their country. Items could include: Pictures, photos and maps (with labels), flags, recipes, facts & figures. It should give somebody a good impression of the students’ country, e.g. the people, food, climate, culture, famous people, history, sport, fashion. i.e. anything which teaches us something about that country and its people.

At the end of the first week, students will have

  • Studied all the main tenses in English
  • Greatly improved their vocabulary in topics such as food, holidays and jobs
  • Produced a wall poster of themselves and their country
  • Written a letter and email in English
  • Started reading a book in English and newspapers
  • Told a story in English
  • Learnt a lot about famous British people
  • Done role-plays in various common situations and places, such as restaurants and stations
  • Listened to Podcasts and made notes
  • Started to prepare a song (to be performed later)
  • Used English to describe videos
  • Completed worksheets on their trips to famous places, such as the British Museum and Sherlock Holmes’ house
  • Learnt the rules of cricket and played some sport
  • Completed a test to check their progress

They will go on to learn more grammar and vocabulary, improve their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, go on more trips, and do more projects (e.g. song and drama performances).

This is a wonderful opportunity for any parent who wants their child to experience England and the English Language in a safe, warm and friendly environment.

Arrival and departure day : Sundays



 9 – 10:3010:45 – 12:152:00 – 6:00
  • Placement test
  • Interviews
  • Timetables
  • Introductions
  • College procedures
  • Class rules
  • Getting to know you activities
  • Role-play: shopping

H/WK: Graded reader(see over #1)

  • Dealing with accommodation issues
  • Settling in
  • Grammar – past tenses
  • Telling a story (using past tenses), oral & written
  • Vocab: food
  • Role-play: in a restaurant. Design personal profile of yourself for the wall
  • H/WK: Start to collect or make material for project (see over#2) on Thurs
  • Sports afternoon – Learn the rules of cricket!
  • Play a sport of your choice, e.g. football, swimming, ice skating, volleyball, basketball
  • Go to restaurant (e.g. English, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Thai)
  • Grammar – present tenses
  • Describing a video (using present tenses)
  • Vocab: holidays
  • Role-play: buying a ticket at the station
  • Quiz: Famous contemporary and historical Britons

H/WK: Choose 3 articles from Metro newspaper to discuss tomorrow

  • 1.Trip to British Museum or Tate Modern, with worksheet to fill in.2.Cafe – discuss what ss have seen + check worksheet
  • Grammar – future tenses
  • Group discussion about the future + Metro articles
  • Vocab: jobs
  • Project work – start to work on wall posterH/WK:
  • 1. remind ss to keep reading their book + newspapers.
  • 2. Listen to Podcasts in computer lab (for discussion next week)
  • Afternoon off – shopping or sightseeing!
  • Grammar: Modal verbs
  • Vocab: describing people
  • Writing: e-mails / letters (in computer lab)
  • Test on the week’s grammar & vocab
  • Preparing a song (to perform in the following week) – writing own song or learning a famous song
  • Watch Sherlock Holmes film (1 ½ hrs) + short presentation
  • Visit his home (221b Baker St, with worksheet)· H/WK: Write film review or describe the characters
Sat / Sun
  • All day trips outside London (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford, Warwick Castle)
  • Time for students to complete homework, have fun & rest